Do you or your horse suffer from back soreness, stiffness, arthritic conditions, ligament, tendon, bone or muscle injury, decreased range of motion or poor circulation?

• The EquiPulse Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) system only needs to be used for 10-20 minutes, per body part, each day. This means that, in the space of one day, you can use the one EquiPulse unit for all the horses and their riders in your barn. Let us help you and your equine partners!

• PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) Therapy is widely used on humans and to condition race horses at race tracks around the world.

• PEMF therapy encourages the body to regenerate damaged and diseased tissue, repair torn tendons and fractured bones.

• PEMF therapy enhances the synthesis of protein in the cells, allowing the body to take advantage of all the protein available.

• PEMF therapy improves circulation, not by increasing heartbeat or blood pressure, but by opening and dilating the arteries and capillaries. This also reduces edema (swelling).

• PEMF therapy increases the cellular level of oxygen absorption. Studies have shown that oxygen partial pressure can be increased by 200%. This reduces pain associated with lack of sufficient oxygen and lactic acid buildup.

• PEMF therapy is particularly effective in getting to deep muscle soreness because of its deep penetration.

• Published, scientific studies abound for pulsed magnetic field therapy. PEMF has been FDA approved and widely used in the treatment of human delayed bone fractures for over a decade, and there is a growing body of literature concerning the biological and clinical effects of this energy. A recent study using pulsed magnetic fields reminds us that in clinical studies done over 17 years, over millions of patients have been treated safely with PEMF. Now you can use this therapy on YOURSELF and YOUR horses too!

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About Sue

Sue Swan

Sue Swan was raised on a quarter horse breeding ranch in Davis, California. She has shown, trained and judged horses in many disciplines for most of her life. Competing on a national level as a youth rider, Sue continued to train and judge while pursuing her education and career. Sue completed her B.S. and graduate work at CSU Fresno, and just retired as a farm loan specialist from the USDA Farm Service Agency. Having used various holistic health approaches on her horses for years, Sue believes that the EquiPulse PEMF technology is an effective tool for helping maximize the performance of today’s equine athlete.


Treatment Time

Normal treatment time is 30 to 40 minutes per session. Results are immediate with continued improvement over time with additional treatments.

When Can I Ride

You can ride and work you horse immediately after treatment, there is no recovery time. It is recomended, when used as a pre-event treament, that you use it the day before the event.

How Long does It Last

Results can last a day or weeks depending on the problem. In a show situation one or two treatments per week is normally sufficient.

What Is Happening

In a nutshell, the body’s recovery, repair and regeneration mechanisms are kicked in to high gear. Circulation of both blood and lymph are increased due to dilation of the vessels. Blood oxygen is increased and leads to increased oxygenation of tissues. The lymphatic system is activated. There is increased cellular turnover and removal of cellular waste products. This process reduces pain and inflammation, and promotes healing.

What Area Do I Treat

Sensitive areas needing EquiPulse PEMF are identified during the session by the muscle tissue palpitations. Sensitive areas do this because of the super oxygenation and molecule movement in the cells. We use EquiPulse over the whole horse because when you increase the blood oxygen in the whole body, the sensitive area continues to heal as the super oxygenated blood from the rest of the body continues to flow through the area.

How Is EquiPulse PEMF Different

While the therapy is similar to other magnetic therapy such as blankets and boots, it is the delivery method and power that is more effective in EquiPulse PEMF. The higher power of EquiPulse PEMF provides shorter treatment times, deeper penetration into the tissues and immediate results.


EquiPulse Equipment Rental Fees

(Treatments are Free)

$2.00 per minute, for example: One 30 minute session $60.00

Charges may vary depending upon distance to your facility. If we are visiting your stable or barn for the first time a minimum number treatments may be required.

EquiPulse® devices are magnetic pulse generators. Registration by the FDA in the USA is applied for, but not yet granted. They are not for sale in Canada or human use. © Magnus Magnetica, LLC • All Rights Reserved

Pre-Paid Rental Packages

Valid for use 2 months from date of first use.

5 thirty minute sessions-$287.50 ($57.50 per session).

10 thirty minute sessions-$550.00 ($55.00 per session).

20 thirty minute sessions-$1,050.00($52.50 per session).

Short Sessions available at $2.00 per minute.

A 10 minute minimum is required

Purchase and Treatment Policies

There are no refunds on Pre-paid rental packages.

Unused rental sessions will be added onto your next rental package purchase. All new and unused rental sessions must be completed in the new 2 month period in order not to lose the unused rental sessions.

Your horse will be treated based upon an agreed schedule or appointment. Please be punctual to avoid cancellation fees.

Seek all medical advice only from your Vet. Please let us know if your horse is under any medication or drug, prior to any treatment.. All owners must sign a release form prior to commencement of EquiPulse treatments. Application of treatments on persons or horses cannot be administered by anyone other than Holistic Horse Health's staff or management, unless agreed to in advance. Please do not ask to be the exception.

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Serving Oregon and Washington. I can come to your home, boarding or training facility by appointment. I attend various horse shows and barrel races around the Pacific Northwest. Additionally, I do hair sample evaluation to determine which herbal blends are best for your horse. Give me a call for details or to order Equine Natural Care herbal blends.

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